What is the Gospel Advocate Relief Fund?

What is the Gospel Advocate Relief Fund?

The object of the Gospel Advocate Relief Fund, (GARF), is to help needy ministers of the Gospel, their widows and dependants. Its business is managed by a small committee, which meets quarterly. The Fund was established in 1878; plenty has changed since then, but there are still many preachers in small churches, or doing pioneering work, who have to exist on very meagre salaries. GARF can help some of them, by finding out about their needs, sending some financial relief, encouraging them through correspondence and upholding them in prayer. There are also the widows of men who spent their lives proclaiming the gospel, perhaps with little opportunity to provide for their retirement, or for their dependants. GARF knows some of these who are in particular need, and is able to send money regularly to help with expenses, along with letters to remind these elderly Christians of our fellowship together in the Gospel.

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