What is the Gospel Advocate Relief Fund?

The object of the Gospel Advocate Relief Fund, (GARF), is to help needy ministers of the Gospel, their widows and dependants. Its business is managed by a small committee, which meets quarterly. 

Please have a look around the website where you will find more information about us..



Is there a place for committees, and organisations like GARF? The committee members are all believers holding the reformed faith, who are committed to honouring the Biblical doctrine of the local church. GARF works simply as an agency for facilitating practical fellowship between believers who are in need, and other believers and churches who are able to help with that need. We recognise that the primary responsibility for providing for dependants belongs to their immediate families (see 1 Timothy 5.4). Churches ought, as far as they are able, to provide for their own pastors. But we also know that there are many circumstances in which these obligations cannot be fulfilled.

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