Welcome to the Gospel Advocate Relief Fund

  • What Is It ? 

    It is a registered charity, number 209606, established in 1878 and exists to help needy ministers of the Gospel, their widows and dependents. GARF helps to relieve some of the financial needs of people who have been or are in God's service and includes those in pioneering work or in small churches who have to exist on meagre salaries.

    There are also widows of men who spent their lives proclaiming the gospel, perhaps with little opportunity to provide for their retirement, or for their dependents.

    GARF knows some of these who are in particular need and is able to send money regularly to help with expenses, along with letters to remind these elderly Christians of our fellowship together in the Gospel.


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  • Where does the money come from ?

    GARF does not normally hold large reserves of money; the committee who manages the Fund directs as much as possible to those who need it most.

    Donations come from concerned Christians and from churches who feel able to give to the continuing needs. We aim to hold public meetings as often as we can to promote awareness of the work of GARF and to encourage the Lord's people to give to this work.

    Our accounts are subject to independent audit and published in our annual report. We also hold an annual public meeting during which any formal business of the Fund, such as election of officers, is conducted.